All our delegates have been updated to xcash-core (2.2.0) and xcash-dpops (1.2.0) (Discord-post -->>)

About X-cash

Behind X-cash is a highly dedicated team, that are actively developing all the products of X-cash for nearly 3 years with none ICO funding. This shows that the team puts the interest of its community and users as top-most priority. In fact, the teams share of the coin has been locked up(with verifiable reserve proof keys) until a market cap of a minimum of $10,000,000 is reached before they’ll ever get any reward for the diligence they’ve been putting in place. No wonder the community members and investors tend to have a “shaolin monk” level of endurance and support towards the project for all this years. check them out on discord.

X-Cash is an innovative product

Why did Bitcoin become so valuable? It’s because it had been the primary invention that birthed the thought of a cryptographic digital currency, Other coins like ETH, TRON and EOS owe a part of their value to the very fact that they Innovated on what cryptocurrencies can do. X-cash has an Inherent value in it for the very fact that its the primary cryptocurrency to permit public and personal transaction on one address. It’s also the primary coin to implement delegated proof of private stake(DPoPS) which introduces privacy into the already established delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. It also incorporates Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) and verifiable random function(VRF). Since it had been forked from monero(XMR), it inherits all the established securities of a cryptoNight based coin. all these where from scratch and was over 50,000 lines of code written and optimized within the “C” programing language . this new mechanism are going to be activated on the 6th of february, 2021, and you’ll be able to make an ROI of up to 9% by voting for a delegate. learn to vote now.

What’s X-Cash up to with all this tech?

There are a bunch of coins out there that were built just to show off some cool tech, with none real purpose behind the protocol, X-Cash isn’t so. the thought of X-Cash came as a results of some problems noticed within the our beloved privacy focused cryptoNight algorithm. one among the most reasons why Monero can’t scale up to a few of transactions per second is because the blockchain data will become too heavy for a mean user, which can discourage more people from having the blockchain on their laptops. one among the most effective way to solve this problem is to make delegates who won’t only run the core blockchain (X-Cash core), but also will run a second layer (DPoPS-core), which can now incorporate faster sidechains and hold all the high level data that makes the blockchain heavy.
The result is a blockchain that might proportion to infinite number of transactions per second, this is because the limit is really the delegates, and how powerful their servers may be. It also gives us a backbone to create smart contracts, distributed applications (DApps) then far more within the pipeline.

X-Cash features a suit of products built for it


The X-Bank is a community project actively maintained by the X-Cash Foundation. It is a web custody solution to securely store and manage your X-Cash, and will be the bridge to the X-Cash ERC-20 token : WX-Cash, which will be a wrapped version of X-Cash which will have several use cases:
Store, transfer and use XCASH more easily(metamask, ledger etc..)
Enable new exchange listings at a reduced price + Uniswap.
Replicate staking in DPOPS (without voting rights within the first version)
Allow incentivizing liquidity on Uniswap through a Liquidity Reward Program.
X-Bank is additionally been currently upgraded into a full-fleshed cryptocurrency exchange which will have X-cash as its main utility coin. Visit X-bank.


A payment solution which can be instantaneously integrated on any Discord server. Send some X-Cash over there, participate within the discussions and simply send funds to anyone on the same server.

There are tons of other products within the pipeline which will be built on top of X-cash like sidechain payment, smart contract and Non-fungible Tokens.
Without any reasonable doubt, the most effective crypto project you’ll be a part of at this moment is X-cash, because It’s definitely heading to the moon.

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