All our delegates have been updated to xcash-core (2.2.0) and xcash-dpops (1.2.0) (Discord-post -->>)


Staking X-Cash is quite easy, so get started today. You need a minimum 2M XCASH to stake and vote for a delegate. Follow the guide below to learn more about voting & staking.

Buy some X-Cash on supported exchanges,

Desktop CLI-Wallet

Download the wallet,, and transfer all your balance from the exchange to your local wallet.

Choose delegate

All delegates are listed on the delegate explorer or you can view them in our XCASH ROI calculator. Check their statistics and choose one with high ROI, and one who is one of the TOP 50 delegates or one that will enter TOP 50 delegates with your amount of votes.

There are 3 types of delegates:

  • Shared Delegates: The shared delegates are public delegates for whom you can vote. They will redistribute your share of the rewards minus their fees. As a voter, you should favor shared delegates. We recommend our delegates DPOPS-1, DPOPS-2 and DPOPS-3. Check that they are within TOP 50 delegates before choosing one of them.
  • Solo Delegates: Solo delegates are elected by themselves and are keeping the reward for them. You can vote for solo delegates, but don’t expect to receive a share of the block reward.
  • Private group: Private delegates group are delegates that will only redistribute shares of the block reward to a select group of their voters. They are usually decided with the delegate in private, so you shouldn’t vote for them if you haven’t communicated with the delegate first.

After the local wallet is synced and balance is updated, type

vote delegate_name

vote DPOPS-1

Instructions for Android X-Cash Wallet:

For detailed instructions follow the guide at to learn more about voting & staking X-CASH.